mardi 5 juillet 2016

Le gouvernement réagit à la pétition l’accusant de division ethnique au sein de la diplomatie

Burundians Have Long Overcome Crude Ethnic Hatred & Division

The people and government of Burundi are disappointed in divisiveness perpetrated by negative and false media reports about inter-ethnic relationship in our country. Following the Interactive dialogue on Burundi held on June 29 in Geneva during the 32nd Session of the Human Rights council, some media houses began to spread inaccurate information about our country. In particular, they claimed that the United Nations has endorsed the false view that Burundi security forces carry out targeted killings of members of the Tutsi community.

Our Government condemns in its strongest terms this malicious propaganda, which is deliberately created by some quarters determined to divide the people of Burundi, to dehumanize and tarnish the image of our Government and our security forces.

The propagandists and haters of our country try to cover up facts; in particular, the well-known reality that institutions of the Republic of Burundi are composed of Hutu, Tutsi and Twa, men and women from all the regions of Burundi in line with the Arusha Accord, the Unity Charter and the Constitution of the Republic of Burundi. Inclusivity is part of our agenda and we will continue to make the project of human rights a human reality.

The Government of Burundi reiterates its determination to continue to uphold the unity of Barundi and protect its citizens. The operations being carried out by security forces are done mainly in respect of international Humanitarian Law and aim to disarm all criminals indistinctly and thus not target any specific ethnic group contrary to what is spread in the media.

We invite all interested persons and organizations to come to Burundi to assess the reality on the ground. This is the preferred and truthful approach than ill-informed crude reporting we have recently witnessed.

Bujumbura, July 5, 2016
Martin Nivyabandi,
Minister, Government of Burundi
Human Rights, Social affairs and Gender Minister

3 commentaires:

  1. Oui invitons celui qui veut savoir la verite pour verifier la composition ethnique et regionale de la garde presidentielle. Ce sont eux qui tuent et violent

  2. Bwana Minister, you know that what the government is accused IS HAPPENING DAY AND NIGHT in Burundi! MAY ALMIGHTY GOD SAVE ALL THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE THAT ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED! These massacres HAVE BEEN PLANNED FOR YEARS! Does "KILIBA ONDES" MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU??? What we see now is the implementation of it! Muzohende abanyamahanga nayo twebwe izo Phenergan ntizidufata!

  3. Dear Minister
    It is very unfortunate that you speak like someone who is totally disconnected to the reality in Burundi. I am a Burundian living in Burundi and two of my relatives have been arrested by police and intelligence services when they had done nothing. Twice I paid a ransom, total of which amounts now to a million.
    Why is this done done to innocent citizen, equal to you in rights and you blame others? Confess that the government is either masterminding it or you have lost control of the security bodies.
    Furthermore, despite your expressed good will, the speeches of the top leaders of both the executive and legislative bodies of the country are adding fire to fire. The speeches read by Gelase and signed by Nyabenda augur an increased hatred and division.
    Better admit your weaknesses and work on them.


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